Local Music 4 Local People

Most music magazines worth their salt give away music these days. Even the tabloid newspapers are at it. So your pal the Yorkshire Windbag is doing the same. Just click on the picture of the cassette to the left to get an earful of music. Just press the play button and you're away. 

This issue's theme is my favourite local artists. See below for a blow by blow rundown



The Tiny Dancers are friends of friends of the Yorkshire Windbag. In a neat inversion of the traditional way of finding a new band I came to see the support band and stuck around for the headliners (then going under the moniker David Kay and the Defendants). This song, 'Breathe It In', may never see the light of day in an official release. Its now been reworked and given a new title, 'Breathe It Out'. I still like this though. 

Check out their myspace here.



Featuring a varied collection of titfers and the best close vocal harmonies this side of Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Travelling Band are Yorkshire Windbag's current favourite live act. My first sighting of them was at Rob's OK Crayola night in autumn 2007. This track, 'Biding My Time', features lead vocals from Snaf (second from the left) and will be on their imminent debut album.

Find out more on their website here.



Yorkshire Windbag and Adrian Bates (he's on the right) bonded over music whilst their other halves talked gore and ward gossip at various nurses social events. This in turn lead the Windbag to come and see Adrian accompanying his long time musical sparring partner Mark Jones down at the Little 'Un  in South Elmsall. Truth is this recording is quite old now and a little low-fi. Hopefully you will one day be able to get hold of a more recent version of 'Feel Tonight' when Mark finally makes his album available.  



Easytone are the latest vehicle for Adrian Bates's ongoing obsession with writing classic British Rock songs (see also Blowback, New Sheriff & Cope). The current line up consists of from left to right Adrian 'Bod' Bates on lead guitar; Daz on drums; Pat on lead vocals, acoustic guitar and witticisms; and Jacko on bass. 

Check out their myspace here.




I don't know much about Middleman.  The bassist (second from the left) occasionally drinks in the same pub as me. So I'm guessing they're local. I caught them by accident down at Escobar in Wakefield and was blown away by their energy, tunes and wit. Particularly on the featured song 'Blah Blah Blah'.

Their myspace is here.



Slow Club are Yorkshire Windbag's tip for the top out of  the acts on this compilation. Their combination of great tunes, charisma and beautiful singing are hard to beat. I first came across them on their many support slots with the Tiny Dancers. Rebecca (that's the one in the dress) has a sideline as part time vocalist with chart act Noah and the Whale.

Slow Club's myspace is here.




I sometimes feel like Gary Stewart's stalker. Having first caught him on a bill with Little Lost David down at Escobar I then proceeded to bump into him on several occasions at various gigs and even in Borders. He normally tells me all the news about his latest gigs whilst edging nervously towards the nearest exit. I can recommend catching him live either solo or with his excellent band who play folk with a bit of swing about it.

Click here for his myspace.




Little Lost David is not the most inspiring name I've heard for a musical act. However bear with this guy because he is worth it. If Slow Club are the most likely pop stars out of this bunch this guy is the one who's likely to become a well respected cult star. First sighting was made at the Forum at Sheffield when we went to see the Travelling Band.

David's myspace is here.