Music From 2010

Part 2

So here's part 2. Click on the picture of the tape to go to the mix.

Below are details of the tracks.


Everlasting Light - The Black Keys






A great chugging tune to start off this compilation. The Black Keys are rocking and bluesy and equally good on record and live. 


 Mushrooms and Roses - Janelle Monae


Janelle Monae made the Guardian's favourite album of the year. Don't let that put you off though. The Archandroid is a really good album. Did I mention that its a concept record with a sci fi theme. No come back it really is good.

Over the course of the album Monae runs through plenty of different musical styles from funk to rockabilly via folk. She has connections to both Kanye West and Outkast. This particular song is kind of psychedelic. Imagine a female Prince and you are nearly there. To my mind though this is a much more focused and less indulgent album than anything that the Minnesota midget ever produced.


Hotel - Three Blind Wolves



Three Blind Wolves are not the epitome of rock'n'roll. The music is country tinged and the singer looks quite geeky.

Still the songs are excellent (said geek is rated one of the best songwriters in Scotland) and the singer has a good if slightly unorthodox voice. 

Lay Your Love - Rosie Doonan



Rosie's from my home town but she's in here on merit. Her second album captures the eclectic mix of folk and pop that she plays with various combinations of musicians.


Thurso - Over The Wall



This Duo hit the stage at Oporto in a rush of energy and bopped about for half an hour. It wasn't til they hit their last song 'Thurso' that I was convinced though. If you've ever been to Thurso you might wonder what in that windswept coastal town inspired this mini epic.


You Run Like A Girl - Unbunny



I have to include at least one act from the great gigs put on by Gary and Dave Cotton down Henry Boon's in Wakefield.

The Unbunny gig was possibly the best. He played the first half of the set completely unplugged. The intimacy of the gig was amazing.

Fable - Ryan Spendlove


Out of all the acts I've seen this year Ryan Spendlove is possibly my current favourite. Everybody I've taken to see him as loved him. He has a fantastic voice and a bag full of great songs.

He's also a lovely (if often inebriated) feller.


The Parting Glass - Hannah Peel

A lovely haunting ballad to finish with. Hannah Peel plays with various acts including the Unthanks, Blue Roses and Tunng. However she's an interesting live act in her own right. I'm looking forward to hearing her debut album which is just out.