Here's a compilation celebrating Wakefield and its music scene

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Churp Churp - Piskie Sits


Lets start with the Piskie Sits. This authentic piece of Wakefield slacker rock is a really catchy number.


This gang have been knocking about for a while but seem to be gathering some momentum now and have signed up with a Huddersfield record label.



Dirty Dog - Ryan Spendlove

As you know I'm a big fan of this guy. Not sure that somebody from Gawthorpe really counts as Wakefield. However if I take out everybody from Ossett and Gawthorpe then we may struggle to make up the numbers!





So High - New Vinyl


New Vinyl are a bunch of lads playing the songs of one Danny Allison.


They've had a few line up changes of late but the latest setup seems to be the solid and new keyboardist Steve Regan and guitarist Lee Knowles add extra musical know-how.


This is less indie and more lad rock anthems but Danny's songs are strong and he comes out with some interesting lyrics.




Itchyear Eachyear - Mi Mye

Mi Mye is the vehicle of one Jamie Lockhart, a Scot exiled in Wakefield. Jamie is also a record producer and soundman of some reknown






Another Number - The Cribs

The Cribs are of course the most famous Wakefield band around at the moment. Although I'm not a huge fan myself it has to be said they have some good tunes. This is probably my favourite


Say Goodbye - Rosie Doonan

No round up of Wakey acts would be complete without Rosie.

One of the most charismatic performers, on the West yorkshire scene, she has the voice of an angel. But watch that temper! And if you don't believe me ask the guys who she sacked from her band mid-gig!




Licence - Michael Ainsley

I've raved about Michael elsewhere. Anyway take a listen to this my favourite track off his album.





I Love This City - Matt Abbott

Finally something a bit different to finish off with. Matt Abbott also plies his trade under the moniker Skint and Demoralised. This track for some reason he has released under his own name.

This song is a celebration/wake for Wakefield. I love it for many reasons not least because he name checks 3 pubs in Ossett that I used to occasionally frequent in my younger days.