It had to happen one day I guess. I thought I might have managed to get through but in the end it crept up on me.

I think I'm officially entering my mid-life crisis.

Now that I'm closer to fifty than forty I guess its no surprise. Suddenly I'm looking in the mirror wondering if that wrinkle was there yesterday? Is there more grey in my hair?

I spend time thinking about my pension (and wondering whether I'll ever be able to afford to retire). I've stopped joking about how the Saga holidays sound really good but unfortunately I'm not old enough. As Morrissey sang 'that joke isn't funny anymore'.

So I bet you are wondering how this crisis is manifesting itself?

Well I'm not trading in Mrs Windbag for a younger blonde. Actually Mrs Windbag is a younger blonde so I guess I'd have to look for an older brunette.

I'm not about to buy myself a flash sports car. I'm afraid all that 'Top Gear' stuff doesn't interest me. There are two things that I look for in a car. A heated front windscreen (I hate all that scraping in winter) and a socket to plug my MP3 player into the stereo. I've got no interest in twin valve, horsepower, fuel injection or torque (whatever that may be).

No what I've actually done is gone out and bought myself an electric guitar! That way Mrs Windbag and the next door neighbours also get some enjoyment out of my predicament.

For a Yorkshire man I'm sometimes quite generous!




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