Here's a compilation of some of the music I'm listening to at the moment

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Doki Doki - Laura J Martin


Its a couple of years since I first came across Laura J Martin.  A quite idiosyncratic artist who combines a vocal style similar to Kate Bush with a Japanese influence.


She's released her debut album, The Hangman Tree, this January.








The Great Selkie Of Sule Skerry - June Tabor

This comes from an album 'Ashore' that June Tabor released last year. Its an album of assorted songs with a central subject of the sea.

Not entirely sure why I bought it because I'm not really familiar with her work. I think it was the combination of the concept plus some glowing reviews. Anyway have a listen to this and see what you think.






Rise Up The Sun - Joseph And David


Another local Leeds based band. I came across these supporting the Travelling Band at the end of 2011.


David I recognised from previous solo shows and the fact that he's a barman at Oporto.


They are quite folky but with an intensity which reminds me a little of gospel music.






Cotton Wool - Hope and Social

I've not included Hope and Social on a compilation for a while.

This is from their latest album 'Sleep Sound'.






Between The Old Moon - Roddy Woomble

I've been aware of Roddy Woomble for many years. He was the leadsinger in a band called IdleWild. The first time I saw them back in the nineties as a support act I only lasted two songs before I went back to the bar. They were a punky proposition back then.

Last year I saw his solo set and bought the album, (the Impossible Song and Other Songs)  for Mrs Windbag. Its a great listen and I can heartily recommend it.



The Blackout - Sam Airey

Sam Airey is a talented singer songwriter on the Leeds scene although he originates from North Wales.

He wrote this song during a power cut and the recording is very atmospheric and quite different to the live version. 





Dead Leg - Admiral Fallow

Despite owning their album and seeing them live I know next to nothing about Admiral Fallow.

At Summer Sundae we had a choice between a much touted indie band called 2:54 and these and I chose these.

What can I tell you? They are undoubtedly from Scotland and they play folky music.






Nights Become Days - Frank Turner

Frank Turner was recommended to me a number of years ago by Rich Pollard.

Rather like Roddy Woomble he's moved from punk singer to acoustic troubadour. In the process he has become a bit of a star in the making.

Despite very little media coverage, the NME have only just started covering him in the last year, he's built a fair old fan base and he's playing Wembley Arena this year!


Extremities - Zoey Van Goey

One of the best gigs I went to in 2011 was at the Hop in Wakefield and headlined by Zoey Van Goey.

Another Scottish act they are in the same vein as Belle and Sebastian although they mix their twee pop with a dance influence.