Here's a compilation of some of the music that I've been inspired by in February 2012

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Emmylou - First Aid Kit


First heard this on the radio and I wasn't overly impressed. But second time around hearing it in HMV was more positive. So much so that I dragged Mrs Windbag along to see them live and it was a good gig.







Them That Do Nothing - Field Music

The first two times I saw Field Music I was blown away by their live show.

Sadly February's gig wasn't quite as inspirational but still a good band and I love this classic off their Measure album






Jock O'Hazeldean - Matthew Ord


Matthew is a great guitarist and a lovely guy.


This is his version of an old folk song.


If you get a chance to see him take it and be sure to say hello as well.





Never Look Back (acoustic) - Slow Club

Here's an alternative version of a great track from Slow Club's last album.






Not Much Left Of Us - Craig Finn

The Hold Steady are one of my favourite bands of the last few years. They combine good lyrics with anthemic rock n roll.

Their singer Craig Finn's taken a sabbatical and released a solo album, 'Clear Heart, Full Eyes'. As you would expect the lyrics are pretty good although there is a worrying amount of religous references.

This is my favourite track off the album.



Can't Make It So - Ellen & the Escapades

The Escapades finally have their debut album out, 'All the Crooked Scenes'. Very good it is as well. This track is one of the newer songs on it.





Submarine - Still Corners

Still Corners won Jumbo Records album of the year with 'Creatures of an hour'.

This track is from that album.






Whole Love - Wilco

I'm going to make one more reference back to 2011. Wilco released a great album - 'The Whole love' in 2011.

I also caught them live at Manchester Academy. These are quite possibly my favourite band at this point in time so I have to give them a plug.