Here's a compilation of some of the music that caught my attention in March 2012

I'm trying a new approach this month. Instead of all the music being in one place I've included links for each song (in the title) to various bits on the internet (ok its mainly off youtube)



New Rose - The Damned


Since I've gone about this I thought I'd better let you have a listen. I think I may have included it in a past compilation. Still I like this video. The quality is rubbish but the song is as strong as ever and its quite energetic.





Too Old To Dream - O'Hooley & Tidow

Now for something completely different. I can't recommend this duo enough. A great live act mixing some great music with gentle humor.






Carnivores - Spirit of John


Here's something from my new fave rave around Leeds. Actually its a few years since I first saw these guys. But they seem to have a fair amount of momentum at the moment. Note as well that Kieron the violinist doesn't actually rehearse with them. He just turns up and plays.






I Can't Be Right When I'm Wrong - Adam Holmes

This is a young singer that I saw in Edinburgh in early March.

He makes it all seem deceptively simple.





We Take Care of Our Own - Bruce Springsteen

Of course I don't just go to gigs. I listen to records as well. I love Springsteen's new album 'Wrecking Ball'.

This video is a bit cheesey but its heart's in the right place. I love the sentiment of it (even if it is ripe for misinterpretation just like 'Born in the USA').



Pinhold of Light - Heart Ships

This band blew me away at Oporto (and judging by the NME's review I wasn't the only one impressed).

Give this live video a chance. The camera work is pretty apalling and the sound isn't the best but it captures something of their live energy.





New York - The Sailmakers

This video is actually from the gig in my March gig diary.

A bit rough and ready perhaps?






No Dancin' The Gillyflowers

Another band that I saw up in Edinburgh.

Country Rock Scottish style. The lead singer is the daughter of Stuart Adamson.