Here's a compilation of some of the music that caught my attention in April 2012

The links to the songs are in the headings.



Beeswing - The Futureheads


Here's a clip of the Futurehead's new acapella direction live from St Pancaras train station. Presumably it was filmed on a phone judging by the quality of the picture. But the sound is absolutely superb and the band are in great voice. 


They're great live as well. I'm saying best gig of 2012 so far.


PS I recommend you check out the original by Richard Thompson as well which is gorgeous.





Last Living Goth (Outside Hull) - Michael Ainsley

Here's a clip of Michael Ainsley from Long Division 2011. He's one of the hidden talents of Wakefield. Check out his album 'Slip Smash'. 

Accompanied by a youthful looking Harry Rhodes (could be the smart hair cut makes him look younger). Another talented Wakey musician





Raspberry, Strawberry, Gooseberry Jam - Ruby Macintosh


Another artist I caught randomly in Wakefield one night. I love this song. Its slightly annoying that there's a load of chat in the background but its worth bearing with.






We are Fine - Sharon Van Etten

As well as going to gigs I'm also checking out new music via my emusic account. I can heartily reccomend an album called 'Tramp' by Sharon Van Etten. 

Check out this live clip.





Here's To My Old Friends - Joseph and David

Joseph and David are no more. But don't panic its just that they're changing their name to Dancing Years (or something like that).

This clip is a brilliant example of them live. 




White Houses - Arthur Rigby & the Baskervylles

I've some how managed to miss seeing this band until recently although I've known about them for a long time. Big orchestral epic pop music. Give it a go.





Willow Tree - Thomas J Speight

Another great live act I've been lucky enough to catch lately.

Filmed in someone's shed - literally






Danko/Manuel - Jason Isbell & Ryan Adams

Here's a real find. Its audio only but its a live version of 'Danko/Manuel' performed by its author Jason Isbell with Ryan Adams.

Caught this duo (doing seperate sets) live in Sheffield and it was a really good gig.

Jason Isbell is a real talent. He used to be in a band called Drive By Truckers who are also worth checking out.