The Best of 2008

Part 1

So here's part 1. Click on the picture of the tape to go to the mix.

Below are details of the tracks.



The first track here is also the most recent addition to my record collection. I've always been an admirer of Nick Cave rather than a huge fan. But having bought his latest album a while back in a 'two for a tenner' offer I finally took a first listen last night. It was immediately obvious that 'Dig Lazarus Dig' was the ideal opener. Its both primitive and sophisticated. The Bad Seeds are intelligent musicians who perform what is required rather than showboating.



Ok I know the Fleet Foxes are one of the most trendy names to drop at the moment with Uncut, Mojo & NME all agreed that their self titled album was one of the year's best. Still  the reason why its so popular is because its so good. I also caught a great show by them in Manchester. I'm just a sucker for those vocal harmonies.



Another trendy name to drop is Vampire Weekend. I've already spoken about these. Just get the album ok!



Noah and the Whale is certainly one of the dafter names for bands I've heard recently. I suspect that all the decent band names have been taken and we're going to get more silly names as we go forward.

Anyway the music is both folky and poppy. You probably know their big hit '5 Years..'. I don't think their album really does their live set justice.



Here's a bit of nepotism from the Yorkshire Windbag. New Vinyl are a no-nonsense rock band from Wakefield. Theoretically these lot shouldn't be sharing filespace with the likes of Nick Cave and Fleet Foxes. However after a few blistering live shows this year I'm a confirmed fan.

Danny (centre in the blue cardie) is a talented songwriter and real rabble rouser to boot. If you like the Jam, the Enemy and the Clash these guys could be right up your street.

PS the old codger at the back on the right isn't their soundman he's their keyboardist. Gives all us middle aged people a bit of hope eh?



An old song but I caught Jim White live in York this year and he performed this song and I love it.



This is probably one of the less obvious choices for this compilation. On the face of it Teddy Thompson is just another middle of the road singer songwriter (albeit with very talented parents).

Still I like his voice and the songs themselves are well crafted. There should be room in every collection for a bit of quality MOR.


As you know I like to champion local bands. So Hope and Social are a little band from Leeds. Frankly I'm gob smacked to come across a band so fully matured and talented. Turns out they've been in existence for 9 years but only became Hope and Social this year having previously traded under the name 5 day Hombre (see what I mean about daft band names).

Without a doubt one of my favourite live bands of this year. I urge you all to check this lot out live or on virtual record.