Summer Sundae is probably not the coolest festival out there. It doesn't have a cutting edge line up and attract the beautiful people. You don't get endless coverage of it on the BBC.

John Smith not as average as his name

However I love it for many reasons.  The line up is genuinely eclectic covering the middle of the road as well as many acts that head for the ditch (as Neil Young once put it). There are bars that sell real ale and cocktails rather than the generic lager/fizzy bitter thing you get at most festivals. There is a proper indoors venue (the De Montford Hall) complete with indoor toilets (although the gents tend to stink) and a balcony complete with comfortable seating. The festival seems to be staffed by loads of volunteers who are generally very friendly and enthusiastic and give it a less corporate feel. The city centre location gives the option of not camping. The attendees tend to be a very varied crowd of people from small children to old folks rather than just a bunch of indie kids (which also means you don't have hundreds of lunkheads down the front chucking beer about - any Leeds/Reading attendees will know what I'm talking about). The capacity is about six or seven thousand meaning you never have to queue for hours for things and it doesn't get claustrophobic generally.

All in all a great little festival and its rapidly becoming a highlight of my Summer.

Anyway here are my reviews of the bands on Saturday


Golden Animals - earplugs recommended

Broken Records rock out