Here's some of the acts that caught our attention at Summer Sundae 2009. Just click on the picture of the cassette to your left and hopefully it should take you to a page where clicking on the play will start the compilation going.



Lets start off with the Charlatans. Not really a band to get your pulse racing. Not the most original band around (This particular song is basically Sympathy for the Devil with loads of Dylan lyrics).But still good fun.


Mum are Icelandic and its got a couple of dots (an umlaut) over the 'u'. So I believe its actually pronounced 'moom'. Anyway they are a little eccentric and have lots of different people in the band. It seems to come with the territory when you come from Iceland. They don't seem to have X factor pub shouters doing bad cover versions over there. If it weren't so expensive I'd consider moving out there.





Bon Iver is basically an American bloke who locked himself in a log cabin for several months and made an album. Very nice it is as well.





First time I saw Skint and Demoralised was at a Leeds United game. He was sponsoring the match. Although musically he resembles the Streets (in that he speaks over music) he's come to this from a different angle. Live he resembles the ranting poets of the early eighties who were themselves inspired by the likes of John Cooper Clarke.




I don't know that much about Woodpigeon. They are Canadian and very mellow. The singer may have some connection with Scotland. That's about it. They aren't dull worthy americana types as they demonstrated by covering Abba. Well worth checking out.



Imelda May looks a little like a teddy boy version of Cruella de Ville. I'm pretty certain that she hasn't harmed any dalmation dogs though. Her act is just the right side of cabaret playing rockabilly and blues with real fire. I don't know if they play originals or covers. They are seriously rockin' either way.



Another band I knew and continue to know nothing about are Airborne Toxic Event. Went to see them on a hunch (and missed Frank Turner) and really enjoyed the show. These guys leap around like maniacs while playing epic American rock. Reminded me a little of the Gaslight Anthem.





Finally Broken Records come from Scotland where they know a thing or two about epic rock. and they don't disappoint. Ignore all the critics claiming that they are Arcade Fire rip offs. Anybody who's listened a bit wider will hear echoes of the Waterboys, Echo and the Bunnymen and Beirut (the band rather than the city).