When did a knock on the door or ring of the doorbell become something you dreaded? I'm sure once upon a time I was young and naive enough to believe that somebody at your door could be something exciting.  

These days if you're lucky its the window cleaner demanding payment or the neighbour popping round to tell you that your wheelie bin was last seen blowing down the road in a force five gale. And that's if your lucky.

More likely its a dodgy looking bloke who apparently is doing some building work in your area and has noticed that you have a few loose tiles on your roof. He can do them tomorrow for a very special price.

Or a smarmy bloke who wants to know if you could choose just one window to be double glazed which one would you choose?

Or have you heard the good news? Jesus is soon to return to earth to save us all and he's chosen Derek with his shabby suit; dandruff speckled shoulders and silent smiling wife as his appointed spokesperson on earth. 

The other Saturday I answered the doorbell and there standing on my doorstep was Ed, Si and Rich three members of my very favourite current live band - Hope and Social. 

Ok so it wasn't quite completely as random as I'm making it sound. Mrs Windbag had organised a surprise party for my latest birthday. I'd just arrived home a few minutes earlier to find the house containing rearranged furniture; some good friends (with the promise of more to come) and enough booze to start a small public house.

Still when I opened the door the last thing I expected to see was the aforementioned three reprobates from the aforementioned band.

Which just goes to show that some times it is worth answering your door rather than turning the lights off and hiding.  

The Windbag's favourite music from 2009

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Hope and Social

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