Music From 2009

Part 2

So here's part 2. Click on the picture of the tape to go to the mix.

Below are details of the tracks.


Sunlight Hold Me (Live at the Crypt) - Hope and Social






I've probably said enough about Hope and Social already. Listen and enjoy. 


 Beach Bug - Dinosaur Pile Up


First came across Dinosaur Pile Up bottom of the bill at the Brudenell Social Club. They were pretty good. Often accused of been grunge revivalists they certainly do that Pixies loud/quiet thing. But there's none of the misery and turgidness that we got from the Seattle crowd. Instead we get great tunes. 


Crooked Lust - Bowerbirds



Yet another band that I don't know much about. Got this album by them called 'Upper Air'. It took a few listens to get into. Still in the end I fell in love with it. Particularly this song.

Giving Up On Love - Slow Club



Another band that I tend to go on and on about are Slow Club. There's a good reason for this. They're blooming good. So succumb and buy the album that they finally released this year - 'Yeah So'. 

Nguva Ye Kufara - Chiwoniso



This year we went over to see our friends Dunc and Kirsten in Amsterdam. We popped to Vondelpark to see a World music festival. At first the music was dull but then as we were preparing to leave Chiwoniso came on stage. She sings beautifully over guitars which are reminiscent of the Bhundu Boys (a band from my youth).

One Wing - Wilco



The most eagerly awaited gig of the year in Leeds for certain of us was Wilco at the Academy. They didn't disappoint with a great performance. This song is from their excellent new album - Wilco the album. 

Untitled - New Vinyl


Things took a bizarre turn for New Vinyl this year. After several years of just really getting by they got a new manager. Gail Porter! Yes that Gail Porter. It remains to be seen what will happen to them but I think they are enjoying the ride. This particular song is a great example of the songwriting ability of Danny the singer.


Hysteric - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I've always liked Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The new album 'Its Blitz' seems to have taken them to a new level. I love the new dancey direction just as I loved the pyschobilly and spiky indie past. Ultimately though their best songs are the ballads like this one.