I decided what was needed for the current wintry weather was some nice summery/sunny music to cheer you all up (its kind of like those happy lights they have in the office for S.A.D people). Sorry its all mainly indie boys playing guitar but I'm on a quick deadline.

Just click on the picture to the left (the one with the three hunky beach blokes).




The Clientele are pretty ace. I've caught them accidentally twice supporting Fleet Foxes and Wilco which gives you an idea that they are pretty highly rated. They are British but hardly known over here. Their albums are on Emusic. Check them out.



Next up an old classic from the Undertones.

Pity Feargal turned out to be a bit of a prat.






This one is a bit more moody. Its from the Animal Collective. Off Merriweather Post Pavillion which a lot of critics had as their album of the year in 2009. Kind of like Mercury Rev go dancey.






The Drums are the latest band to be hyped up by the NME. Despite this I have enjoyed their summertime ep from last year. A bit obviously catchy perhaps. I love that saxophone though.





Next up an old favourite of mine. The Hold Steady are one of the best live bands around at the moment. Not really a typical Hold Steady song because its more of an anthem to positive attitude rather than a short story set to music.

As an IT professional I'm duty bound to love 'em because the singer looks a bit like a geek!




I realised that I've got to appeal to older folks as well. So here's a sixties song from the Kinks. A band who are slightly less over exposed than a certain bunch of bowl heads from Liverpool.




In a desperate attempt to put something that isn't a standard guitar rock/pop number here's Bob Marley.






Its always good to finish with some simple dumb rock and roll. So here's the Ramones.