In this modern world where choice is valued over everything there are literally millions of songs out there. However it seems to me in the field of pop music we only get to here a tiny proportion of what's out there. The radio and tv stations always seem to be full of the usual suspects.

So this is my attempt to give some exposure to a few songs that I love and think should be heard by a wider audience.

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Harpers - Hugo Largo.


I know next to nothing about Hugo Largo. They came to my attention when a friend of mine called Colin Campbell put this song and another on a mix tape for me.


The song itself is not typical been acapella. It has a certain atmosphere about it. Kind of makes me think of evening and the sun setting. 




Alex Chilton - The Replacements

Apparently I read somewhere that this song contains one of the two greatest rock'n roll moments. I can't remember what it was but you've got to admit this is a pretty cool song.

The Replacements are perhaps not quite as good as legend would have you believe but this song and the album it comes from (Pleased to Meet Me) are well worth seeking out.

Ironically Alex Chilton is another guy who's reputation is slightly bigger than his musical oeuvre.





Ciao My Shining Star - Mark Mulcahy 


I'm plugging Mark Mulcahy again (see the end of 2009 a couple of issues ago).


This is a real shiver down the spine song with the falsetto vocal and ultra jangly guitar (I'm no expert but I reckon it must be a twelve string).







Debris - The Faces

You may be aware of the Faces. They were the descendents of the Small Faces and featured Rod Stewart and Rod Wood. Their most famous song would be 'Stay with me' I guess. 

This song was written and sung by Ronnie Lane who is sadly no longer with us (Rod is relegated to some surprisingly subtle backing vocals.) 

I came to this song from hearing it at a Billy Bragg gig (sung by Ian Mclagan another ex-Face). I then discovered that I already had the song in my CD collection.

This is a song about Lane's father I believe and it pulls no punches but is still full of love.






Antenna - The Acorn

Now for something a lot newer. This song comes from an album called 'Glory Hope Mountain'. The album is full of acoustic songs and brilliant latin type percussion. This song atypically is a beautiful soft rock song for the modern age with some brilliant electric guitar on it. 

So love this song and you may not love the album but you should definitely try both anyway. 




Why Won't You Stay - American Music Club

The American Music Club are not as you would imagine a group of enthusiasts trying to perform a variety of american musical styles.

Instead they were (and sporadically continue to be) a vehicle for the songs of Mark Eitzel. A morose individual based in San Francisco. 

The beauty of this song is that he manages to come up with a well structured (albeit sad song) with a beginning, middle and end in just a couple of minutes. 




The Ruts - West One (Shine On me) 

In a perfect world Malcolm Owen of the Ruts wouldn't have overdosed on heroin in his mum's bath. The band would have gone on to the greatness that they so richly deserved.

Of all the British bands that made up the second wave of punk bands, the Ruts were easily the most talented.

This song was the swansong single released after Malcolm's death. What a waste!





Mary Magaret O'Hara - You will be loved Again

Another mystery act. Apparently she's from Toronto.

Actually O'Hara was my mother's maiden name and we do have relations in that general area of Canada.

This song is such a beauty. Sad but also uplifting. Apologies for the clicks and hisses but I recorded it off my vinyl which I bought back in the late eighties and played a hell of a lot.