Since I've just spent a few days in Belfast. I thought it might be nice to put together a compliation of Northern Irish artists. Which shows how disproportionately many talented acts come from the province.

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Sweet Thing - Van Morrison.


A great place to start is with this Belfast legend.


This song is probably the most accessible moment off his highly rated but somewhat difficult 'Astral Weeks' album. 




Seven Deadly Sins - Outcasts

Punk rock was definitely the point when the Ulster music scene put itself on the map.

Leading the charge were Stiff Little Fingers and the Undertones. There were other lesser known bands though such as Rudi, the Defects, Victim and the Outcasts.

This song comes from the Outcasts later period when they'd gone more rockabilly.






Religious Persuasion - Andy White 


Just recently I caught Andy White live at the Summer Sundae festival. This guy first caught my attention when I was a student in the mid eighties.


This song tackles one of the biggest issues in Northern Ireland head on.






A Life less Ordinary - Ash

Not every band and artist to come from Northern Ireland have wanted to spend all their time discussing the 'Troubles'. Some prefer to just get on with the business of producing classic pop and rock.

Case in point been Ash who have produced many great songs and are an excellent live act.




Pettigoe - Cat Malojian

Cat Malojian are a band that we caught live at the Open House Festival in Belfast. They were playing a little tent and were very entertaining.



Sailortown - Energy Orchard

Energy Orchard were a pretty middle of the road band from the early nineties. Apparently pretty good live.

Anyway Sailortown is probably my favourite song by them.




(I wish I had a) Wooden Heart - David Holmes and the Free Association

My token effort to find some Ulster music which isn't just guitar and drums. David Holmes is a well respected DJ (probably most famous for creating the soundtrack for the Ocean 11 film).

This is quite 'trip hoppy'.




Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers

Finally to finish off the fine rabble rousing of Stiff Little Fingers.

I don't reckon you can be human if that guitar intro doesn't send a shiver down your spine.

Often described by the ignorant as a song about the IRA. In reality its just about wanting Ulster to be more normal. Specifically the first verse is all about the lack of decent gigs and gig venues in Ulster.