So there was this Greek king or general called Phyrrus. He got into a bit of a ruck with the Roman Empire. In one battle he managed to beat the Romans but his army took such losses that he effectively lost the war.

From this event we get the saying a 'phyrric victory'. I'm pretty certain that Boris Johnson's expensive education means that he's already aware of the meaning of that particular term.

In the aftermath of the recent referendum I went off to Bilbao for a few days (pre-booked I might add). Which was not great timing with regard to the exchange rate - yeah thanks Brexiteers piss on my chips one last time why don't you?

Anyway I had no smart phone and no English speaking TV to watch - so effectively I was incommunicado for a few days. By the time we were back it seemed that there'd been a bit of argy bargy in the ranks of the Tories.  Boris has been found out as an unprincipled overambitious blow hard (but surely you already knew that?). Thanks to his parents money he not only knows what 'phyrric victory' means but also has that 'sense of entitlement' that you just don't get at comprehensives. 

As for Michael Gove yes I know he doesn't seem to have much faith in experts but really who told him he had a chance as PM? Come on Michael I know you are trying to ride that 'geek look' for all its worth but just because people like 'Big Bang Theory' it doesn't mean that they would vote the cast members as their leaders.

My reading of the situation is that Johnson realising the enormity of the situation has had a bad case of cold feet. Gove  realised this and is obviously made of sterner (stupider?) stuff and hence the backstab which effectively sidelined two potential leaders for the price of one.

And just when you thought well cometh the hour cometh the man step forward M. Farage! Well I never he's resigned too.

Anyone would think that the brave plucky brexiteers don't have any idea what to do next. So it looks like Theresa May might have to roll her sleeves up and sort it all out. There's a lot of moaning from the exit crowd but I think somebody from the remain camp might be better suited to organising an orderly exit. After all the last thing we need now is people making promises they have no intention of keeping and blatantly lying.

We now know what sort of mess that can get you into!


As for the Labour Party - words nearly fail me. As the Hold Steady said 'I survived the 80s one time already and I don't recall it all that fondly'!

I'm not sure who I would like to murder the most. The Labour MPs have not exactly covered themselves in glory here. Ok I get that they haven't got much to work with in Corbyn. But they don't look very classy with their constant backstabbing and whinging right from day one. They need to look themselves in the mirror. To me all the other candidates were just Tory-lite bleating on about how they were business friendly and voting to bomb Syria for reasons I still don't see any logic in (some guys from Belgium ran amok in Paris with guns and so we bomb some Syrians?).

Corbyn meanwhile I have tried to get behind him. But in all honesty he may or may not have impeccable prinicpals but he is not a leader in a million billion trillion years. There is honestly no point in going on as it is. Yes I get that he's been elected fair and square but if he had any balls he would hold his hand up and say that he's not up to the job.

There is no decent candidate that I can see so they basically have to get the least worst (I dunno Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham maybe). Then start the long trudge back to re-electability. The potential Chilcott shit storm coming Blair's way won't help matters but to be honest very few people are going to come out of that looking good - the Tories backed him to the hilt at the time after all.

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