So here we are its October 2008. Summer came and went without us even noticing; we're staring down the barrel at financial disaster and just to put the tin lid on it Pete Ellis has launched yet another bloomin' website.

What's it all about this time I hear you ask? Well some of you may or may not know that I'm now a published journalist (check out  and use the search facility in the top right hand corner to search on 'Pete Ellis'). Ok the publication in question has now ceased to be published but that's just a co-incidence (probably). Anyway having got the writing bug I'm determined to spread my wings. Of course this been the 21st Century instead of waiting for someone to spot my talent I'm striking out on my own with this here e-zine (see what I've done there I've put 'e-' on something to make it sound totally modern and part of the zeitgeist (whatever that might be)). The fact that I won't have a pesky editor questioning my grammar, facts and possibly my parentage whilst changing my pristine prose is an added bonus.

Anyway as I write this I'm feeling quite mortified having managed to embarrass myself over the weekend. I'm in the dog house again. This time its even worse than when I blew up a Jacket Potato in the oven (apparently that's why you prick them with a fork - I thought it was just an old wife's tale). After an entertaining night in Huddersfield (yes you read that correctly) watching the Travelling Band I disgraced myself in the car on my way home. I suddenly had the urge to vomit and although I managed to open the window a great deal of vomit ended up down both the outside and inside of my wife's car! In no particular order I blame Ian for plying me with beer; Chris turning up at work with a stomach upset; and the Travelling Band for been too damn good. Needless to say my wife has a rather shorter list of who she blames.

Anyway on with the magazine. For your delectation we have the following selections:

My view on Global Warming

A review of Slow Club live

Music Lovers - Think Global & Attend Locally

Free Mix Tape

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