Now everybody knows that the true national sport of England is neither cricket nor rugby nor even football. No, in my opinion, complaining is the number one pastime of the English. Even so the latest bout of moaning about the weather as taken me by surprise.

Really its just the logical conclusion of the way we are going as a consumer society. The customer is always right and must get exactly what he or she asks for. In this case what we want is 'barbecue weather' as allegedly promised by the Met office. Unfortunately the weather has failed to play ball and now we are all demanding a refund.

Of course in 'broken Britain' somebody has to be blamed and the hapless weather men are our chosen scapegoats. There are dark suggestions that they are in league with B&Q - taking backhanders to give a biased weather report and getting those barbecues flying off the shelves.

The real problem of course is there are too many people who refuse to look on the positive side of anything. They are only truly happy when they are complaining about something or other. This movement is lead by cheerleaders in the media. People like Richard Littlejohn; Tony Parsons; everybody who ever writes anything in the Daily Mail; the ITN team and every person who has ever written in to their local newspaper claiming that the world has gone to hell in a handcart since hanging was abolished/fluoride was introduced into the water/they stopped playing the national anthem when the telly closed down*

(*delete as applicable)

I've got a message for all those people. The world doesn't revolve around you! Just because its raining today it isn't a personal attack on you. 

Anyway its good to get that off my chest! Welcome to the latest windbag. This one's a bit special because I asked a friend of mine to chose some music and write about it so everybody who hates my taste in music to slash wrists by (copyright Nick Page) have a listen to this stuff. Have a click to the right and see what's what.

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