For crying out loud can we just get over this Olympics stuff and get on with the rest of our lives?

Now as you know I'm not one to moan unnecessarily, he lied, but I think I've had about my fill of the Olympics.

I'm no royalist but at least when we get put through some national royal boreathon such as a jubilee or a wedding at least we get a day off in compensation (or even two). Don't get me wrong I believe that we should kick 'em out of their palaces, collect all the back taxes and abolish the monarchy. Just like every other right thinking person. However I believe we shouldn't do it until we've had our two days off work.

I've been working for a company, who are one of the Olympics sponsors, for about the last four years. Not that they would call it anything as demeaning as sponsorship. I think they are Olympic corporate partners or some such bull. 

Over these last four years the company has done nowt but bang on about how proud they are of the Olympics and been a partner and all that good stuff. (Actually I lie that's not all they've done. They've also sacked thousands of employees). 

I don't know if your company do colleague opinion surveys (I think its pretty much the norm amongst the big corporates). Anyway this company does and they always ask you to rate how proud you are of the Olympic partnership. As you can imagine they don't get very high marks in West Yorkshire which always seems to upset them for some reason.

As an aside the other annoying thing about these surveys is that they ask your opinion about stuff and then get all shirty when you don't come back telling them how great they are and how you are grateful for the privilege of working for their wonderful organisation. They punish you by forcing you to come up with ways to improve things. But you aren't allowed to do anything obvious like stop sacking people.

Anyway where were we? Oh yes so, as you can imagine, my tolerance of the Olympics is pretty low already. And now they've started this ridiculous torch relay thing round the country. I know I should just ignore it and I do. But for god sakes this could actually be a nice idea getting ordinary people involved in a low key way. 

But no instead we have three or four corporate buses following it all around (including one from my company). People have to buy the torch (or at least the plebs do). And every other person who takes the torch has to be some minor celebrity. Apparently Chris Moyles (the original Yorkshire Windbag) got to run through Aberyswyth with it! Why does he get to run with it and why in Aberyswyth? How is he connected to that place? Surely some local people from Aberyswyth could have had a go? Do the idiot marketing people think that the whole thing won't work without some 'famous' person being involved?

I'm as much of a sucker for an overhyped corporate sports event as anyone - I always take an interest in the football world cup. But the Olympics is just so dull. I'm just not interested in people running about, jumping and chucking things. I don't mind that they do it and I'm glad they enjoy it but its just boring.

Anyway looking on the bright side with everybody concentrating on London and the Olympics it'll be a good time to go out and do other stuff.


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